The Herbal Medicinal Products Platform Austria (HMPPA) represents a novel and unique national academic network with highest expertise in the fields of phytomedicine and natural products research.

The platform fosters research, knowledge-management, education, application and training in natural product research and phyto-pharmaceutical medicine. It addresses bottlenecks in R & D, encourages translational research, serves as a reference and advisory institution in all scientific research, development and product issues regarding herbal medicine and natural products.

It aims at a close collaboration between academia, government(s), the European Medicines Agency including its herbal medicinal products committee and the phyto-pharmaceutical industry to support the discovery and development of natural product based drug leads and herbal remedies.

The importance of natural products is increasing not only as a source of new drug leads in the field of drug discovery, but also in the area of basic research, such as in the expanding field of chemical biology. Thus, a national research network shall strive to accelerate the discovery and development process along a new concept especially designed for the screening, isolation and identification of new natural lead-compounds from crude plant extracts.

Due to the increasing importance of traditional Chinese medicine in western countries, the platform is also involved in the establishment of a research cluster on TCM in Austria which shall result in a close scientific collaboration and scientific exchange between top scientists in China and Austria.

Our Extraordinary  Members: